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Windows7 Application Launcher helps you launch any application from the control panel. For example, you can launch the calculator, command prompt, disk management, you can run windows applications and services.Using shortcuts made easyWindows7 Application Launcher is a handy tool that brings wide range of Window7 tools to your computer desktop. Windows7 Application Launcher is a simple-to-use console program that provides shortcuts to a wide range of Windows 7 tools.It comes in handy to hardcore users who frequently work with the operating system's built-in features, as well as to casual users who don't know how to track them down.Explore and launch Windows toolsIt gets launched in a command-line window and automatically lists numerous apps that belong to the OS. For example, you can launch Registry Editor, Command Prompt, Computer Management, Task Manager, UAC settings, Action Center, Add or Remove Programs, Calculator, Character Map, the on-screen keyboard, Startup Manager, Disk Management or Defragmenter.How it worksAll you have to do is type the number corresponding to the program and hit the Enter key to run it. The downside is that it automatically exits after executing a program, even an unsupported character.Similarly, it's not possible to go back to the main menu after entering a submenu, in case you changed your mind, which means that you have to fire up the utility for each new command.No installation necessaryThere is no setup pack involved, which makes Windows7 Application Launcher portable. You can save the downloaded files to a custom directory on the computer or copy them to a removable storage unit to directly run it on any PC by just double-clicking the.bat file. It doesn't modify Windows registry settings, create files on the disk without permission, or need DLLs or other components to work properly.{[{ce1afb25a-32ec-41a5-a15f-828d572690db}]}{[{fb6f0a62-7b86-4051-8ee1-4e61041af31e}]}{[{7ec4ff10-6ad7-41ac-b4f5-7f9a47b0834c}]}{[{1d6562de-aa7d-4b77-b0fd-dbea6f8ad7d9}]} 08929e5ed8

Windows7 Application Launcher Free

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