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Hanging Decorations
Making a Basket
Handmade Pottery


Self-Sustainable Homesteading

I love researching how to use my homestead to live better, eat better, and earn a little money while doing so. Country living provides me the opportunity to support my family with self-sustainable homesteading.


Strengthening Through Community

At the end of the day, we all seek connection. The pandemic really opened my eyes to this, and that isolation is detrimental to our health. I believe in supporting our local farmers, farm markets and businesses. I love stopping in and chatting with my neighbors, my spirits are instantly lifted.


Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive

I look to our ancestors and love to learn from them. How did they garden? How did they raise chickens, pigs, sheep etc.? I want to help empower new homesteaders by sharing my journey with you.

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