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Wooden Kitchen Utensils


72clucks was born out of my homesteading journey. Raising chickens, gardening, country living, and an insane need to create!

I believe that by our ancestors worked hard to establish roots and we have much we can learn from them. Our ancestors learned from their ancestors how to run the farmhouse, country living, raise chickens and livestock. We have learned skills such as woodworking, sewing, painting, gardening, cooking, and how to re-purpose items and not waste them. We can avoid many mistakes by looking to them for knowledge.
I have learned many skills from my Grandparents, and I think of them often while running my homestead. I watched my Mother sewing when I was young, and I really enjoy sewing. I have 3 sewing machines! (that's a little bit crazy)
The focus of 72Clucks is to tell meaningful stories that help keep traditions alive, while creating items to use and decorate your home.

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