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Monthly card subscription

Monthly card subscription

Do you have a friend, family member, or a loved one that means the world to you? Are you busy and finding it hard to find the time to make a phone call, or send a text? Maybe this person lives far away, making it near impossible to visit them. You are not alone.  This is a perfect solution as I will send a greeting card to them every month on your behalf. I will even send a birthday card to your loved one at no additional cost. These cards will have a positive and uplifting message, some months will even be a little silly and  bring a smile to their face. Each card will come in a matching decorated envelope instantly letting your loved one know there is something special inside. Your name is printed in the return address portion of the envelope and printed inside the card, so they will know it came from you!

  • Additional information-

    Cards will mailed on the 15th of every month, with the exception of the birthday cards. This free additional birthday card will be mailed about a week prior to the recipients birthday. 

    Due to the unpredictibility of our post office, it is impossible to give an exact delivery date. 

    Please let me know how you want your card signed, by completing the custom section. Examples:  "the Smith family"  "Joe and Mary" 

    ** These cards are not holiday specific, however, they may have a seasonal theme. If your loved one does not celebrate birthdays, or specific holidays, please let me know. If birthdays are not celebrated,  I will substitute the birthday card with a generic card with a lovely message. 

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