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Use what ya got!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Anyone who grew up in the depression era would tell you how hard it was to survive. Food was scarce, jobs and money where hard to come by, and survival was the main goal each day. My grandparents were born in the early 1920's and were very young during the great depression. I learned how to re-purpose an item instead of throwing it away from my grandparents. Old jars can now hold buttons, screws, or leftovers in the fridge. Grandpa's old shirt is now a rag used to dust, a patch to cover a hole in overalls, or made into a quilt. That old wooden box from the grocery store can now hold items in the garage, add wheels and it is a wagon, or take it apart for other uses.

This idea of "use what ya got" is something that I take to heart. In a world full of overflowing landfills, where every item comes in an obscene amount of packaging, it is so important that we re-purpose. I love finding items in thrift stores, yard sales, or flea markets and finding new life for items. When I list an item for sale that I have reimagined it into something new and wonderful, I will add a banner notating that it is a "re-purposed item".

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